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Picture this (we’re sure it won’t be hard as an Albertan) but you’re getting ready to tee off in the middle of September (heck, maye even late August!) and you can see your breath, you’re in a toque, 4 different layers of thermals, and you’re dreading hitting that first thin bullet that causes your hands to vibrate for the rest of the round.
And the kicker?! You have to go back to your cart after every shot and sit on the freezing cold cart seat. Thank goodness, the Golf Blanket is going to make our Fall golf a lot more bearable.

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Keeping warm on the course never looked so good

Katya Ponich

The Golf Blanket is a golf cart seat cover with 2 water repellent blankets, that snap directly into the seat cover and stay in place when you get in and out once! And once it warms up the blankets can go back into the carry bag it comes with.

Quick Hits:

Explain the name. Why Golfer Diva? Golfer Diva has been my Instagram name , and was already out there, and fit with my target market being mostly female players. And the logo turned out pretty great so it stuck!

Home Course: Blue Devil GC

What is Alberta’s Hidden Gem? Water Valley GC (it’s so good guys)

Katya, what’s one thing you’d change about golf? “To be able to take out the flagstick again!” We cannot wait to hear that magical sound of a ball hitting the bottom of the cup.

Any other hobbies? I’ve been told I need to find something other than golf. It’s a struggle!



When you play in tournaments it means that they rarely get cancelled for inclement weather. There’s only so many layers you can wear before it starts effecting your swing so Katya decided to come up with a way to stay warm that was much more practical.

“I would see people on their carts with blankets from home, golf towels on the seat, which get wet and dirty and inevitably fall out of the cart. So, the idea for the Golf Blanket idea was born!”

I’ve always been in competitive sport. Golf was just something that I picked up and now haven’t been able to stop. I love golf because of the mental challenge, pushing myself, and always trying to get better.

Katya Ponich
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