When you think of Jordan Jeske a lot comes to mind. Enthusiastic, fun-loving, and most importantly he’s dedicated to being a better version of himself every single day. And he’s not shy to take you along for the ride. If he’s not working at the gym with his one of his group classes, he’s working with individual clients, expanding his brand, or working on other procjts (see what we did there) that will get us out enjoying golf and enjoying life.

The PROJCT has been voted a Top 5 gym in YEG for the last 2 years and we don’t see Jord stopping anytime soon. We’re sure there is more to come and we will defintely be staying tuned!  

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Progress over Perfection

Jordan Jeske - Owner: The PROJCT

Just looking at this setup suggests the ball is going to go a long way.

Quick Hits:

Home Course: When I first started playing it was out at Twin Willows. Had some great memories playing there with the boys.

Favourite Alberta Course: I love the feeling of playing like you’re not in the city. Windermere is great for that.

Favourite Course ever played: Predator Ridge (Vernon, BC) is definitely one of the best I have played. You can’t beat those views and atmosphere.

Favourite Major: The Masters for sure.

Favourite Golf Movie: The Legend of Beggar Vance. It pumps me up to go play!

One thing you’d change about golf: I love the traditional aspect of the game but it needs to be more inclusive and accessible. Creating courses like Goathill park in Oceanside CA would help grow the game. 


What made you want to get involved in the golf community and start your business?

To inspire and shift someone’s perspective on how good they can really be. To challenge what they think is possible in the gym, on the golf course and in life. The lessons we can learn from challenging ourselves physically can be a catylst in shaping our lives. My goal is to teach and educate as many people as I can how to take care of their bodies so they may perform at their highest levels on a daily basis. 

As soon as I step on to the golf course I forget about everything else. All my worries and stresses. Having beers with the boys and being able to connect - There is nothing like it.

Jordan Jeske
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