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There’s just something that is a little bit different when you can customize a piece of your golf equipment that captures the real you. Whether it’s your favourite sports team’s logo, a nickname, or perhaps something even more sentimental like a family member’s initials. Every time you pull out that ball marker or divot tool it’s just a little reminder of something that makes you smile or can take away from the fact that you’re still marking your ball with a 3-putt looming! So talk to Jesse and the rest of the team with OZ&CO golf on getting something locally made and crafted to last a life time. They’re just getting started in this industry but are looking to design you that perfect golf memento.

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Small Batch Golf Tools and Tangibles

Jesse Oszytko

Say what you will about Victoria Golf Course this view is one of the best in YEG. And we’re not just talking about Jesse’s tats!

Quick Hits:

Explain the name. Why Oz&CO Golf? The name of my business is kind of a play on my surname. I also have family members helping me out along the way and wanted to make sure they were included as well. Thank you Merritt & Erin!

Favourite Course in Alberta: I’ll have to go with Dinosaur Trail in Drumheller. The back 9 is something else!

One thing you’d change about professional golf: More Canadian Tournaments! (amen to the Jesse!)

Jesse, why do you love golf? I love being outside and spending time with friends and family on the course. I enjoy the challenge of always trying to get better!

Course that you haven’t played in Alberta, but want to: Tons, but I’ll go with Banff Springs!



Starting the business was a pretty easy decision for Jesse. He loves to create things  and has a ton of expereince using the materials and tools he uses to create the ball markers and divot tools thorugh his work. Throw in his love for the game and the marriage between the two was obvious.


What are your goals for the business and within the industry?

“Try and see where it takes me! I really just want to offer a high quality product that’s affordable price and bring some fun to your round of golf.”

If you’ve seen some of the ball markers you know what Jesse means!

#GolfLifeAB is an incredible platform really showcasing some of the great people of golf throughout this great province. All of the resources you would need are right on the website, and I'm very thankful for their support of local companies!

Jesse Oszytko
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