Double Circle Golf

Golf is the ultimate individual sport. Each course, shot and swing is different. So why should your golf bag be any different? Dario and Carolina can provide you with ultimate customization on headcovers, shag bags, birdie juice holders and valuable pouches so you can show up to the course and upstage your buddies with some brand new gear.

Best of all you have the peace of mind of knowing your products were handcrafted under ethical and responsible conditions by elderly members in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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Dario Alvarez

Quick Hits:

Explain the name. Why Double Circle Golf? Our attitude inside and outside the course is always two under par. Hence, the Double Circle.

Where’s your home course: Sirocco Golf Club

What is Alberta’s hidden gem? There are plenty but I am going to suggest Nanton Golf Club.

Goals for the business? Continue to innovate, create new products, and delight our customers.


Dario and his wife were shocked to find out that nearly 40 per cent of all senior women in Canada continued to work out of necessity. Sadly, this number has doubled since 1995. Their family has been blessed by the support of hundreds of people since the day we arrived in Canada as immigrants. Now, it’s their time to do something and give back. This was the beginning of Double Circle Golf!


Why do I love golf? Its becasue of its inclusiveness. It is the only sport you can truly enjoy with anyone despite their ability.

Dario Alvarez
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