So, hey. It’s me, Leah Snethun. I’m married to Cody, and have a (as of today) 12 year old named Tyler Kidd who is an extremely talented golfer, and a 1 year old named CJ. Luckily, we get to spend a lot of time on the golf course together. Mainly because the kids don’t have a choice, haha!

I’m the one who started this little thing called GolfLifeAB in early 2018. Originally just a podcast to chat golf and local golf related content, the brand has evolved into a lot more than that. 

Why GolfLifeAB?

A lot of my players from the Alberta Golf Tour and other friends would always ask my advice about where to play golf on a road trip, or if a lesser known course was any good. I’ve been lucky to play a ton of golf courses, and people have come to trust my opinion thanks to the reputation I’ve built with the AGT course selections.

I also realize those courses don’t necessarily know how, or have the budget, to get the word out about how great they are. That’s where GolfLifeAB came in.

For me, I’m in this unique position where I’m really involved in the industry, but not in the same way anybody else really is. I deal with a ton of golf professionals for promotions and for booking AGT events, but I’m not a pro. I have members who are loyal to me and participate in my tournaments, but I’m not an association. I buy merchandise to sell as if I’m a “green grass facility” (AKA pro shop), but I’m not actually one.

Hell, I even pay for a membership to be a part of the Golf Journalists Association of Canada, thinking I would get included in press releases and media invites, but I guess I still have to figure out how to make that happen. (This media stuff is new to me so if anybody who knows how this works can help me with that, please reach out!)

It’s this super weird outsider on the inside type of thing. Most of the time it’s awesome, but there are definitely times it sucks not to be invited to industry or stakeholder meetings or events either because I’m not liked/seen as competition rather than someone working for the greater good of the game. Or, I’m simply just not considered “one of them”.

Anyway, on the blog, I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on a range of different topics, from golf courses and experiences, golf marketing, golf travel, golf operations, transitioning juniors into playing full courses, golfing with a baby, understanding and applying the rules of golf, etiquette, and various other golf industry topics. I may write, or use audio, or maybe even a video here and there.

If there is anything in particular you’d like to see, please comment or send a message on social media. I look forward to having you join me on this journey!


First up… (finally). Last year’s Easter golf trip to the Invermere/Radium and Cranbrook/Kimberley areas!

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