Your pal Ryan is headed down to the #YYC to take in the best golf my rival city has to offer for the August Long Weekend. The planning starts now and I am enlisting the help of our #GolfLifeAB community to help me lock down an itinerary that will give me Cow Town’s best links action.

I’ll be driving down Friday after an early round perhaps in the Edmonton area and a visit to the Mackenzie Tour’s 1932 by Bateman Open and staying through until Tuesday where I wrap up my stay at the Alberta Golf Tour’s Gramblicka Open at Priddis Greens Golf and Country Club. As only god would have it the Eskies are also in town to roll over on the Stamps Saturday evening which I will definitely be in attendance for.

The only other itinerary item I have is to visit the new Phil Mickelson course and play those 4 holes they have given the public access to. I gotta support my fellow lefty! It seems he could use all the support he can get considering his most recent Twitter vid…

And as I write this Lefty has completed his first round at The Open with a 76 (+5). Pray for Phil.

So tell me, where should I play?

Things I’m looking for:

  • Value – open for interpretation in regards to what price and the product that’s being offered means to you as a golfer.
  • Views – have to flex for the Instagram.
  • Fun – crazy elevation change, signature holes, drive-able par 4’s etc. You know the drill.
  • At least one nine hole track in the area to play as I continue on my journey to find Alberta’s greatest nine hole courses.
  • A hidden gem perhaps?
  • Perhaps a course with a stunning post round patio.

Our March Madness #YYC champ was Heritage Pointe, runner up was Redwood Meadows. I know Leah is a big fan of the Canal at Delacour Golf Club, host of the #YYC Open for the Alberta Golf Tour. Decisions, decisions!

The world is my oyster that weekend and apart from one round at Inglewood Golf Course last year I haven’t truly experienced golf in Calgary. Inglewood easily had the best greens I played all of last year so I’m wondering if that’s what the rest of Calgary has to offer? With Priddis already on the schedule I’ll be more than satisfied with my visit south but I appreciate any advice from the readers on where an avid golf fan should play.

I mean, it won’t be better than what The City of Champions has to offer but I’m happy to give it a chance. Go! Esks! Go!

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