It’s been a while fam but I’m back. It seems I have been on vacation every weekend for the past month and I just haven’t been able to pump out the weekly article like I’ve wanted (tough life I know). So I just want to say I’m sorry and you should be seeing some exciting content the rest of the summer.

Can you ever forgive me?

So on one of these weekend getaways I took a lovely family trip to Vancouver Island and got to play some amazing golf courses. We played the Mountain Course at Bear Mountain, Cordova Bay, and Olympic View. Now I know I’m more of the golf in Alberta expert (*wink *wink) but as far as BC golf courses go I would highly recommend visiting them at some point in your life. Golf on the Island is something special.

Which begs the question: Is golf better in Alberta or BC? A topic for another article perhaps…

Bear Mountain was probably my least favourite of the courses that we played that trip but I am here to talk about something they do very well and that’s Par 3’s. All of them were stunning and fun and different and… stunning! And I can confidently say that I played my newest favourite Par 3 ever.

Bear Mountain Mountain’s Course 14th hole boasts a view of the ocean and the City of Victoria. Just add my amazing calves to the scenery and we have one heck of a photo.

I mean look at that view. I haven’t done a lot of golf with an ocean view but that right there is the good stuff. And for those wondering I did manage to hit the green and make a par on that stuffed, right side pin.

Naturally, when I make a claim as bold as having found my new favourite Par 3 I think about you, the readers, and think of how we can get you involved. Bringing it back to our lovely, mountainous province the question I ask is what would be your favourite Par 3 in Alberta that you have played?

Just this past May I played the famous “Devil’s Cauldron” at Banff Springs and “Cleopatra” at Jasper Park Lodge. Does it get better than that in Alberta?

nk banff dc
Is Banff Springs’ famed 4th hole your favourite par 3 in Alberta?
Or does JPL’s 9th have more of an affect on you?

I’m a bit of a homer but the Granite loop at the Quarry’s 6th hole is pretty darn good by Edmonton golf standards. Goose Hummock and Trestle Creek take their stabs at island greens. Innisfail’s Aspen 5th and River Ridge’s 8th have also left a piece of themselves with my memory as well.

So, I turn to you GolfLife Alberta. Tell me what your favourite par 3 is and why. And maybe share it on social media with us by tagging us in your Instagram photo or by using the hashtag #GolfLifeAB. We love seeing your photos and might even share it!

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