We here at Golf Life Alberta are always looking for creative ways to bring the game of golf to you with that Alberta twist.

So for the good of mankind, I, Ryan, aka neilerknows, your man on the ground and Golf Life Alberta correspondent, will be on the search for Alberta’s greatest 9 hole loops.

The goal of these pieces is to always be interactive with the readers. If you have any recommendations on where I should journey to, would like to join me during my “research” field trips, or want to meet up and compare notes, you know the drill! Comment on Twitter, write a little note in the comments section, or sliiiiide into those DM’s on Insta.

Heck, write a letter if you want. We don’t discriminate.

elk island.jpg
Elk Island National Park has always been a track I’ve wanted to visit.

So why embark on this journey? The club I am a part of (shout out to The Q whaddup) has 3 nines, each with its own identity, it’s own flavor, and something signature that you can remember specifically from that loop. The saying: “a tale of two (or in this case three) nines” could not be more appropriate here.

But when I think of a nine holes only course I want to assume that the “identity” is totally representative of the town that it belongs to. Nine holes screams small town Alberta and I want to be all about that. There’s also only nine holes to play so for some reason that makes me thing that there has to be some escalated drama or crazy features that will be on display. They got to make your time worth it.

That sounds fun if you ask me.

For a more selfish reason, there’s no reason a guy can’t walk nine holes so it should force me to get the boots a little dirty and (fingers crossed) lose a few lb’s.

smoky lake.jpg
I’m hearing good things about Smoky Lake…

Different than our recent March Madness bracket where we were looking for Alberta’s “favourite” course I will try my best to rank them. It won’t be a very serious and a course could speak to me for a completely different reason than another and I’ll make sure to have a page dedicated to documenting these experiences.

My early research has suggested that I should visit Smoky Lake’s 9 holes but I also really want to visit Elk Island National Park’s track. It looks like I have to-do list that is well on its way!

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  1. Jonny

    Smoky Lake and Two Hills both blow Elk Island our of the water.

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