I think it’s safe to say that spring is here and summer its well on it’s way. Apart from the obvious signs like the Oilers are out of the Playoffs and I still haven’t changed over my winter tires, the snow has disappeared and we have our first big summer smash hit looping over the airwaves.

Yeesh. Please do not have this in your playlist if we play a round together this summer.

Ahhhhh summer. Patios, Eskies games, and all of the activities that go a long with the extended hours of daylight. Life is just easier during summer. The biggest decision a guy makes is which tie you need to wear so the all of the girlfriend’s Instagram posts don’t look like you’re wearing the same outfit at every wedding this summer.

But most importantly the tweets, posts, and email blasts of golf course opening dates has me chomping at the bit to get out there and swing the sticks. But not too much…

I would consider myself an avid golfer, a golf addict, a golf nut, probably all of the above! But I won’t touch the golf course until the swing is primed and the conditions are less comparable to playing on concrete. My general rule is that I won’t hit the course until May. So the questions I need to pose: does that make me a golf snob? When is it a suitable time to play one’s first round of the year?

We have different categories of first-round-of-the-year players:

  1. Waiting for the gates to open on the announced opening date no matter what!
  2. Just need it to warm up a little more.
  3. Don’t want to lose too many of those brand new Pro V’s that I got at Christmas so I should hit the range a few times.
  4. No point in waiting the score is still going to be the same.

Where do you fit?

We have been depraved from our favourite pastime for what has seemed like an eternity and yet I am in no rush to get out and play. I want to have a couple range sessions under my belt. I want the trees lining fairways to have some leaves on them, the greens to be, well, green! Basically I want the time I spend on the course to be worth it.

first round of the year
I even busted out shorts for my first round of the year last year! Bold move…

I’m also quite fragile. I’ll be the first to admit that. But golf early in the year with gloves and hand warmers just doesn’t seem right. Power to those of you that arm yourselves against the elements with those fancy golf cart covers, portable heaters, and your strongest concoction of baileys and coffee to get out and peg but that just doesn’t sound like fun.

Or should I be embracing the fact that I am an Alberta golfer and to play whenever the course opens is a privilege that should not go unused? I’m torn.

Golf season, wedding season, patio season, what ever you want to call it, I think we can all agree we’re happy the snow is gone and we can come out of hibernation to have some fun. Whenever and however that might be.

Happy Easter everyone! We know that I won’t be playing this weekend but will you be hitting the links this long weekend? If so where? Let me know!

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