We understand that this is basically a golf exclusive platform but we could’t pass on the opportunity to dabble in March Madness and make a bracket of our own.

What we didn’t realize was how hard this was going to be! Narrowing it down to just 64 courses was a tough task and sadly we had to leave out some big name courses. Our intention with this little project was not to offend anyone or any club in particular.  We just wanted something for people to have a little fun and give a reason for us non-basketball folk to enjoy a March Madness of our own.

Thankfully there’s always next year and we can make another bracket.

So without further adieu here it is!


We have 8 regions spanning across our great province that will see 64 courses battle it out to see who the residents will crown as Alberta’s Favourite Golf Course! Fill out your own bracket and share it with us on Twitter!

We will be taking votes from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to determine the winner of each match up. The madness begins Wednesday, March 20th so make sure you are following us on all of our social media platforms so your favourite course can be crowned!

Who do you think is making it out of each region, making the final four, and taking home the title of Alberta’s Favourite Golf Course?!

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