So every year I try and give myself an achievable goal by creating a list of courses that I would love to play for the first time. I say achievable because visiting these courses fit my life schedule, aren’t too pricey, and probably just require one day of my weekend.

If only things like having a job, paying bills or seeing my family didn’t have to get in the way. Hashtag golf life am I right?

Including private clubs on this list doesn’t make that much sense. Unless I’m familiar with the secret handshake that only the longstanding family members of the club know (and that’s just to enter the parking lot) I’m setting myself up for failure.

And then there’s trying to get a group of 4 buddies together to pay whatever it costs to play somewhere like Banff Springs. Travel, hotel, golf. The dollars add up!

Devon Golf & CC was the one course on my list last year that I was able to cross off and all I have to say is wow. It was a scorching August afternoon, a few Budweiser’s were consumed, my buddy Dan and I had the course to ourselves (at least it seemed that way), we had a wonderful dinner afterwards in the mall town at a local pizza joint… I could go on and on but I think that overall feeling of trying something for the first time really elevates the experience.

Playing Devon Golf & CC was one of the highlights of my 2018 season.

Last year my list included five courses. I played one. I’m hoping this year I can improve on that. So here we go:

Stony Plain Golf Course – Stony Plain

For years I’ve heard how amazing the putting surfaces have been and always remember their commercials that would pop up during weekend coverage of whatever Tour event was on. That’s effective marketing right there! With the AGT making a stop this year I really don’t have an excuse this year.

Elk Island National Park Golf Course – Elk Island National Park

There’s something about potentially playing golf with buffalo (or do we have bison? My speciality is golf not Alberta wildlife) roaming a pitch-shot distance away that has me quite intrigued about this little nine hole track.

Trestle Creek – Entwistle

A spot that the AGT has visited over the years I’ve always heard that this is a place that you have to be able to make some putts. Which isn’t good news for me…. but there’s an island green!

My degenerative fantasy sports career has confirmed my attendance for Trestle at least once this year so I guess it’s time to take the indoor carpet putting a little more seriously.

Canmore Golf and Curling Club – Canmore

I was lined up to play here last summer during a June golf trip but we called an audible to play Lorette at Kananaskis for a second day in a row. Can you blame us?

Canmore is always a summer destination so this is definitely within reach. My new “best friend” Josh from Golf is Mental also called it a hidden gem and he would never lead me astray.

Dinosaur Trail Golf Course – Drumheller

Probably the biggest reach from this list but a course that mentions dinosaurs is no joke. I’ve seen the pictures and have heard how it’s a course of two nines but my Instagram would never look better after a visit to the Badlands.

Alright golf fans, any tips for when I visit the courses listed above? Is there anywhere else I should consider visiting this year? Where haven’t you played that you would like to visit? If you need a recommendation in the Edmonton area take a look at my “Must-Play” list from a couple weeks ago. As always let me know you’re thoughts by interacting with me and GolfLifeAB on twitter!


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