Well, there we have it. Another golf season finished. A bit of an anticlimactic finish over in France with the Europeans absolutely dominating the tire fire that was Team USA. No one saw that coming right? Asking for a friend.

When Thanksgiving comes I can usually feel satisfied with a complete year of golf and can settle in to having a few turkey dinners, the Christmas season, and some indoor golf should the itch to swing creep in over our dreadfully long winter season.

So unless you are Phil Mickelson and only need one day off after the Ryder Cup to recuperate from a full season of golf this is where we part ways for a few months and unwind from the golf season that was. I mean we are all depressed anyway because there’s a foot of snow in Calgary and courses across the province are shutting their doors to hibernate. It’s best to make our way indoors, grab a beer and turn on the hockey.

And for you die-hards that  acknowledge The Safeway Open as the beginning of the new PGA Tour Season and want to slip in some golf viewing in between periods of the Oilers and Flames games the schedule is listed below.

When guys like Patton Kizzire are winning these tournaments are you sure you want to watch?


But I think this would be a good time to reflect on the season we had together. We were treated to some amazing golf, some incredible story lines, and a comeback for the sports history books. And I was there to share my thoughts on it, make some bold picks at your favourite PGA and LPGA tournaments, and hopefully give you a different perspective on the game of golf. One that I hope you enjoyed and will continue on reading!

So my question to you, the fans (because I have those now, right?) is what would you like to read on a weekly basis when golf gets going again in 2019? I have some ideas I’ll list below but some feedback from you is always appreciated! What did you like? What didn’t you? What would you like to see more of? Changed?

  • Alberta course reviews. This is GolfLifeAB after all!
  • Extended PGA/LPGA/Mackenzie Tour/Champions Tour discussion (this is where you tell me what you want to hear!)
  • We take a look at #neilerknows’ golf adventures (scores, goals, etc. for my die hard fans I guess?)
  • Just stick to the picks, bud. You can’t even get those right.

Feel free to bash me in the comments, on Twitter, whatever it takes to create some feedback. Don’t worry, I have a thick skin. And still live at home so I can cry to my mother as needed.

Thanks for joining the ride this year and I can’t wait to get going again in 2019. Enjoy the offseason everyone and go Oilers! #neilerknows, out.

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  1. joneill@shaw.ca

    I enjoyed everything especially the way you mixed the witty banter with a self deprecating style. More adventures of neilerknows(because I’m a die hard fan) and course reviews would be fun. Maybe a comment on the hardest holes, why and how to tackle them (in your experience) or the easiest holes(which may get some colourful feedback). Good job son!

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