It’s Ryder Cup week. Golf’s biggest team event featuring the world’s best from Europe and America as they battle at Le Golf National just outside of Paris, France. To say this Ryder Cup is one of the most anticipated is an understatement. Tiger just won for the first time in 5 years, the top 10 golfers in the world rankings are all playing this weekend, and we have a powerhouse American team looking to end a 25 year drought on away soil.

How about those for some juicy story lines?

Then we have the potential match ups to look forward to. Reed vs. Rory 2.0, who is going to match up against Tiger, can Poulter continue to dismantle every team the States throw at him?

Now I have said it a couple times already but I think Tiger and the rest of boys in red, white, and blue are going to roll over Team Europe. The margin of victory will be least 5 points and you can book that as a #neilerknows guarantee. When the States’ worst player is Phil, you know Europe is in trouble.

So I thought I’d make a wish list of things I want to see to make this weekend’s exhibition somewhat compelling as a viewer and so it isn’t a complete snooze-fest in France:

Phil and Tiger have an on-course birdie celebration

We’ve seen Phil pull his goofy dances out on the course before. The three amigos dance with Kisner, this weird, serious handshake thing with Zach Johnson, both from previous President’s Cups.  And of course we’ve seen the infamous commercial dancing on a driving range in his ridiculous long sleeved golf shirt.

Now this would mean that Tiger and Phil would have to be paired together at some point during the foursomes or four-ball matches which I don’t think will happen (we’ve seen how that’s gone before). But maybe if one of the guys have one of the sessions off then we can have some teammate love walking off the green with something involving this:

I’m still not totally sold the two players are “friends”. I think it’s just reached a level of respect where the two men have grown up from the side effects of their years of head-to-head battles. So a partner dance would be that next step in a blossoming friendship.

Rory silences Reed causing him to retire

Cause who likes Patrick Reed?

Okay maybe I’m reaching with the retirement but maybe this could get some mojo going for Rory again and be one of the few bright spots for Team Europe and Rory’s season. Even with 1 win this season the man struggled to close out tournaments. This could go a long way for a resurgent Rory in 2019.

A live look from the team rooms

It’ll never happen but what’s the point of having a team event if we can’t see the team actually interact. With the golfers spread out over the golf course we only really see the guys fist bump or high five after a putt drops and then the big celebration after one of the teams win. Let’s see the teams talk some strategy or about how the matches went, some trash talk, action from the captains doing whatever the captains do at this thing.

Just a taste from behind the scenes would be absolutely amazing.

Johnny Miller rides off into the sunset

A nearly 30 year career in the broadcast booth is impressive and there have been rumours that Johnny will be leaving the booth soon.

Yes, I definitely think the future broadcasts will benefit from a fresh voice and yes, I can’t wait for that to happen. But I think this would be a fitting stage to call it a career. So Johnny can steal the spotlight from a historic Team USA victory with his farewell.

So what would you like to see at the Ryder Cup this weekend? Which match ups, story lines, and players have you intrigued? Let us know your predictions by interacting with @GolfLifeAB and myself @10Neiler on Twitter and by leaving some comments as well!

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