Last week’s pick: Lions by 17 and Lydia Ko at the CP Women’s Open

Final Standing: Lions lose by 3 and T8 for Lydia Ko (-13)

Summary: Brooke Henderson becomes the first Canadian woman since 1973 to win the national title so CANADA THIS, CANADA THAT and more CANADA!

Wait, Playoffs in September?

The P word is a touchy subject in this province with both of our Alberta hockey clubs under performing the last 10 years (by our ridiculously high standards anyway). But thankfully we don’t have to worry about that until 2019. Unless of course we’re out of it by November again…

For those of you that have paying attention to golf in the last month or so, have we not been treated to some serious displays of golfing? I think it goes back all the way to The Open at Carnoustie. Tiger making his charges, Brooke wins last week in Regina, The Ryder Cup is just around the corner and now we’re into the FedEx Cup playoffs. Even with the NFL season looming (who cares anyway) I think golf is in a good spot.

So I’m picking by winner for the FedEx Cup right now. Rather than have the field whittle away each week and improve my odds of getting a pick right (for once) for the tournament I’ll take two guys right now on who I think will leave East Lake with 10 million dollars they don’t need.

FedEx Cup Fast Facts:

Brought to you by the amazing Alberta Golf Tour players that wrapped up their regular season this past weekend at the Tour Championship at Kananaskis. Well played everyone!

  1. Bryson DeChambeau claimed his 3rd career victory last week at the Northern Trust Open and vaulted himself into the number 1 spot in the FedEx Cup rankings. He’s still not making the Ryder Cup team. Cause his game’s all over the place…
  2. The playoffs continue with the Top 100 in the rankings moving onto The Dell Technologies Championship at TPC Boston this week.
  3. The Top 70 will move on to the BMW Championship with the final stop being at the Tour Championship where the Top 30 in the rankings will visit East Lake. Only players that make it East Lake have a chance to win the FedEx Cup and the 10 million dollar prize.

Who’s taking home 10 million big ones:

Adam Scott – Current Fed Ex Cup ranking : 40

I like the way he has been playing all kinda stealthy lately. Made a final pairing out of nowhere at the PGA Championship and backed it up with a solid performance last week. He needs to make a bit of a move to get inside the Top 30 for East Lake but I think Adam is all in.

Jason Day – Current FedEx Cup ranking: 8

This wasn’t supposed to be an all Australian love fare but if I had the chance to spend a night out with these two Aussie hunks I’d be all in.

Night golf guys. That’s what I’m talking about here get your minds out of the gutters. Sure, maybe we’d have a couple beers and we’d be looking our Aussie best in our tight pants, bulging muscles, and golden tans out on the course but that’s just regular, dude stuff you know?

Quite frankly I’d never have the chance to hang out with Jason and Adam because the thought of Australia is absolutely terrifying to me. And let’s be honest my golf outfits are a little tighter in different areas than them. So who’s taking home the FedEx Cup? Let me know by interacting with @GolfLifeAB and myself at @10Neiler on Twitter or by leaving some comments down below!

jason and adam

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  1. Lana O'Neill

    I think you dress quite stylishly on the course and off, tight areas notwithstanding. Mom

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