And just like that we are at the PGA Championship. We’ve had a stretch of some really good golf tournaments, venues, and winners since The Open which has set us up nicely for the 100th PGA Championship at Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis, Missouri.

Last week’s Pick: Tiger Woods at the WGC Bridgestone Invitational

Final Standing: Tiger Woods – T31

Summary:  after a solid start from the Cat the slipped down the leader board on the weekend and out of contention. And that’s because he’s tired people. NOT because he’s injured….

A 2 Horse Race?

So basically this week I have to convince you all that DJ or JT aren’t going to win this thing. A tough task considering both of their recent runs of form. But let’s look back at one of the greatest moments of golf that happened at the PGA Championship in 2010 and pray for history to repeat itself.

Hold on. Give me a second here. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh my goodness so dense! I didn’t actually know that they had a notice in the player’s locker room explaining the bunker situation! The guy deserved to lose!

Alright I’ve composed myself enough to continue this article about the PGA Championship and not Dustin Johnson’s shortcomings. Okay, just one more.

It’s safe to say that these days are far behind Mr. Johnson but they make me happy when I get to relive the days where he wasn’t a Major Champion. Especially when he’s on the brink of potentially hoisting the Wanamaker.

So I don’t have any videos that suggest that JT is capable to choke on the level of DJ and not win this thing this week. And even though Brooks won back to back US Opens I have to go with the odds of that not happening again.

My pick this week will be Daniel Berger. And on this week’s Fast Facts I will break down why I am going with this dark horse:

Fast Facts

Brought to you by the good people of Devon, Alberta because I had a wonderful time playing their golf course and driving around the town this past holiday Monday. Absolutely lovely.

  1. The youth movement continues with the former Rookie of the Year taking the next big step in a long and fruitful career.
  2. I have mad respect for his Instagram handle @db_straitvibin
  3. I had made this pick at the beginning of the season and feel obligated to stand by it so just in case he does win I can brag in everyone’s face that my pick made in January holds up.

He’s had a pretty alright season so far with a top 10 at a tough US Open and a nice string of consistent play earlier in the season. He has the game to pull this off and even some President’s Cup experience behind him just in case.  It’s no lie that this would be the biggest win of his career but the PGA Championship has a knack for crowning some (for lack of a better term) “different” winners.

I’m getting a little sick of having to try and defend not picking DJ for these big tournaments. I think I’ve done it, well too many times let’s put it that way. Do you guys think it’s his tournament to lose? Who’s your pick to take the year’s final Major? Let us know by interacting with @GolfLifeAB and myself @10Neiler on Twitter and by leaving some comments as well!

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