Last week’s Pick: Keegan Bradley at the RBC Canadian Open

Final Standing: Keegan Bradley – 4th

Summary:  #neilerknows’ pick between the other member’s of the Famous and Handsome Canadian Ryan’s club dominated (was there any doubt?). Sorry boys, that’s why they call me the most beautiful AND clever of the bunch.

The beauty of these WGC events is that no one misses the cut so it’s basically a free pass for me this week. So strictly for the story lines I am picking Tiger Woods to win this week at the Bridgestone Invitational. End of article.

Okay just kidding let’s talk about these mentioned storylines.



The PGA Tour has revamped their schedule for the 2019 season. Some big changes include the Players moving to March and the PGA Championship moving to May. Among the biggest changes is not a date change but a course change. The Bridgestone Invitational will move to Memphis next year and be named the WGC Fed Ex St. Jude Classic.

The tournament has been held at Firestone Country Club’s South Course since its inception in 1999 and personally I think there would be no better way to finish than to have the Big Kitty take it home. We’ve all watched the recent Tiger comeback with mixed expectations but I think we can all say he’s blown all of them out of the water. Yes, he’s lacked the killer instinct of previous versions but the fusion has worked. He looks like he can win again.

So here we are at a place he has won eight times. This seems like the perfect storm. A recipe made in heaven. What other analogy can I give it? He historically plays well at courses he’s won at before.  Do you remember the shot he hit in the dark coming into 18? It pretty much confirms he can play this course with eyes closed.

And don’t you think whoever was taking care of the World Ranking points looked at what Tiger needed to come play Firestone and gave him that extra little bump needed to crack top 50. Everyone wants this story tale ending for Firestone!

Give me vintage Tiger

I’d say my first memory as a young golf fan was the chip that our friend in red made on 16 at Augusta. Captivated many young golf fans that day I’m sure. There’s no denying what he has done to grow the sport over the years and the personal struggles he has gone through to basically put a sport on his back and take it is where it is today.

Probably why he has needed a few surgeries…

But I miss the old Tiger. This shtick where he’s thankful to even be playing and how lucky it is to have his kids watch him out on the course and blah blah blah blah is just boring. Everything that old Tigs said and did growing up was calculated and designed to accomplish a small list of goals:

  1. Strike fear into opponents with devastating fist pumps and club twirls.
  2. Never admit at any point that he wasn’t the best player in the world capable of doing anything when it came to golf.

Let’s get a win under his Nike belt so he can start swaggin’ again. That’s all we need. One win.

So who does everyone have taking last WGC event of the year? Big DJ is in fine form again. I do like where Rory is at as well after The Open. But more importantly what type of red shirt do you think Tiger will be wearing when he accepts the trophy on Sunday? Classic solid red? Blade Collar? Something with a pattern? Let us know by interacting with @GolfLifeAB and myself @10Neiler on Twitter and by leaving some comments as well!

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