Last week’s article: Power Rankings – Mountain Tracks

Things we learned: Sandra got fired up about Silver Tip at number 2 on the list! Love it!

The Hit List Grows:

So this week we introduce another player on the #neilerknows hit list. I was actually going to make this rant the week of the Traveller’s Championship as it marked the 5 year anniversary of a disgusting display of sportsmanship from Bubba Watson. Sure enough he won that week and would have made me look like a complete bozo.

Also I think I am going to use the word bozo more often. Or maybe buffoon? Could maybe tie in either of these words with the name of my hit list. A work in progress.

So since Bubba is a favourite this week you’re going to hear the rant anyway. Recent form and a house in the area (this home field advantage seems to automatically give you a top 20 finish) are putting him in contention come Sunday afternoon. But let’s recap Bubba’s buffoonery in this week’s edition of Fast Facts to break down my genuine dislike for the man and why I will not be cheering for his 4th win of the year.

  1. The guy played last season using a mini putt ball. Could probably end the list right there.
  2. His antics at the 2013 Traveller’s Championship were straight up embarrassing. No caddie deserves to be treated like that ever. I would have told him to carry his own bag after that display. SEE YA BUBBA!
  3. He’s easily the Posh Spice of the Golf Boys (RIP Hunter Mahan’s golf career). I will never Bubba da Bubba Button-Up.

bubba 2

Bubba is a good player. And good is probably all he’ll ever be. But the man’s a 2 time green jacket winner which almost locks him in as a future hall of famer. Apologies. I need  a sec to go throw up.

And off the golf course he’s probably an amazing father, husband, croquet player, whatever. His off-course activities with hovercrafts, hilarious Golf Boys songs, and playing in the NBA all-star game just can’t bring Gary Lester Watson Jr. out from the dark side. The dude just has to be a better dude on the golf course.

Sorry. I got sidetracked:

Some of you maybe thought a Bubba pick was coming. NO WAY JOSE! I’m going with JB Holmes. Another guy that irks me but I only have so many words for one edition of #neilerknows a week before Leah cracks the whip and tells me to smarten up.

Should I write a feature on just the players I dislike on tour? I believe the kids are calling it a dis-track these days. Who is your pick for the Greenbrier this week? Are you a Bubba fan? Interact with us on Twitter at @Golf LifeAB and @10Neiler and let us know!

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