Last week’s pick: Jimmy Walker

Final Standing: T6

Summary: So far the players I pick have amazing first rounds. Let’s keep that trend going?

Fort Worth Invitational

I’ll be honest I didn’t even know that this tournament was called the Fort Worth Invitational until I Googled it. Which probably foreshadows how fantastic my pick is going to do this week…

What I do know is that this course is played at Colonial Golf Course (not be confused with Coloniale Golf Course for all you Beaumont readers out there) and amidst the roulette of tournament sponsor name changes this course is a must visit for the guys on tour. So this stop is a star studded affair.

And now Fast facts brought to you by (still waiting on that sponsor):

  1. Colonial Golf Club has been the longest tournament venue on Tour hosting for the past 73 years.
  2. Ben Hogan won here 5 times, a resident of the area.
  3. Currently does not have a title sponsor and is named after the city it is being played in.

Who’s Hoisting the Trophy?

There was a time in my youth where I grew out my hair, tied it up in a man-bun and it annoyed the heck out of probably the three most important ladies in my life. Yet, it was a hit with everyone else. Of course such a style comes with titles such as “hipster” but you just have to brush off the haters.

And let’s be clear, I am NOT a hipster. Leah loves to use this one to get under my skin but I won’t give her the satisfaction!

So this time in my life is the reason I have become a Pat Perez fan (or Patty P as I like to call him (we’re on a nickname basis (Inception brackets))). We are Flow Bros. A pretty decent follow on Instagram, always good for a memorable quote, and I feel amateur golfers can relate to what he brings to the table. Maybe not the flowing locks that we shared, or the full set of million dollar PXG sticks in his bag, but the attitude that us amateurs have when it comes to golf and life in general. Beer is good. Diets aren’t fun. And that a Tiger Woods comeback is just to keep his brand relevant.

Okay that last one was taken a bit out of context from Tiger’s Second Comeback (The Back Strikes… Back?) but who doesn’t love a bit of controversy?!

Pat Perez is my pick this week at the Fort Worth Invitational. For no reason other than he doesn’t care what course he plays, whose feathers he ruffles, or what clothes he wears. He does his own thing, plays his own way, brushes off his own haters and Patty P is here to take home some hardware.

And another plaid jacket? I thought we already did that this year?

So let’s see your best “flow” photos. Be proud of that head of lettuce and interact with @GolfLifeAB and myself at @10Neiler on Twitter so we can see who has the best flow on the Alberta Golf Tour! I’ll just leave this photo here for you to enjoy #neilerknows’ flow of yesteryear.
neiler flow

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