Alberta professional golfer and two-time world long drive champion Jamie Sadlowski got a bit of a makeover before heading out to the driving range, in a new Cleveland Golf video.

In the video posted to YouTube, Sadlowski, fresh off earning his 2018 PGA Mackenzie Tour status, gets made up as an 80-year-old grandpa before heading off to hit balls.

“I think I’m aging pretty damn well, yeah,” Sadlowski says in the video as his transformation begins.

“I feel good.”

While he puts on a bit of an act as an old man, chunking his iron shots and saying “the ground is hard as s–t,” Sadlowski proceeds to pound his driver (the new Cleveland Launcher HB) to the awe of onlookers.

Check out the full video below (YouTube / Cleveland Golf):

Oh, and BTW Jamie – congrats on locking up the PGA Mackenzie Tour status for this season!

Make Alberta proud.

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